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Foaming soap dispenser

Foaming soap dispenser

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A foaming soap dispenser is a specialized type of soap dispenser designed to transform liquid soap into a foam or lather when it's dispensed.

Foaming soap dispensers have a mechanism that mixes air with the liquid soap to create a foamy consistency. This results in a lighter, more voluminous lather compared to traditional liquid soap.

Foaming soap dispensers are often considered cost-efficient because they dispense a pre-measured amount of soap as foam. This can help reduce soap wastage and extend the life of a soap bottle.

Foaming soap dispensers are touch-free or require minimal contact, promoting good hygiene by reducing the transmission of germs and bacteria from hand to dispenser.

Whether for home or commercial use, foaming soap dispensers offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to dispense soap while promoting hygiene and reducing soap wastage.

Foaming soap dispenser

Shell material: ABS

Material: ABS
Product Name: Automatic foam sensor soap dispenser
Material: ABS+PC+Electronics
Battery: 4 pcs of  AA battery
Gear adjustment: second gearcapacity

Capacity: 250 ml   

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