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Neck Hammock Neck Stretcher Head Hammock

Neck Hammock Neck Stretcher Head Hammock

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Better relieve neck pain and relieve muscle pain.
A simple device that can be connected to any door to relieve neck pain in ten minutes or less.
Effectively relieve neck pain in the home, office or on the road.
It also minimizes tension headaches, improves sleep quality, and improves posture and alignment. 

It uses a combination of traction and gravity to gently stretch and decompress the cervical spine. The device typically includes a comfortable headrest or cradle to support your head and enhance the relaxation experience.

Once secured in place, the Neck Hammock can help gently stretch and decompress the neck, relieving tension and restoring natural alignment.

To use the Neck Hammock, you would usually wrap the straps around a secure object, lie on the ground or on a yoga mat, and place your head in the hammock. The weight of your head combined with gravity should help stretch your neck and relieve tension


Inner core material: memory cotton black is ordinary Jacket material: cotton cloth + knitted fabric Inner packaging: beam storage bag

Size: 50 * 20 * 2.5 cm
Inner core material: shape memory cotton
Jacket material: cotton + knitted fabric

Package Content:

1 x hmmock

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