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Suction Wall Glass Door Handle

Suction Wall Glass Door Handle

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Product information:

A suction wall glass door handle is a type of handle designed to be attached to a glass door or any smooth, non-porous surface using suction cups. These handles are often used in bathrooms or other areas where a temporary or non-permanent solution is needed, such as on glass shower doors.

The primary feature of these handles is the suction cups that adhere to the glass or other smooth surfaces. These cups create a vacuum seal, providing a firm grip without the need for drilling holes or using adhesives.  Suction wall glass door handles are typically made of materials that are resistant to moisture and water, such as plastic or rubber. This ensures the handle remains secure even in wet conditions.

Installation is usually straightforward and doesn't require any tools. Users simply press the suction cups against the glass surface, creating a suction that holds the handle in place. It's important to ensure that the surface is clean and free of any debris for optimal suction.

Material: PP
Style: modern and simple
Size: gray, green, black
Product Category: One Piece Set
Surface treatment: None
Scope of application: home, bathroom, etc.
Applicable people: the elderly

100% brand new and high quality
Adsorption range: glass mirror, acrylic, marble, steel plate, ceramic tile, etc.
Made of ABS plastic, strong and wear-resistant.
Provide extra stability when entering and exiting the toilet for a safe and comfortable experience.
Can be removed and repositioned effortlessly.
Easily reposition in any place and any angle.
To delete, just flip the label.


This bathtub grab bar is based on the latest design product in the United States; the suction cup design sucks it in the bathtub, and it can be firmly fixed on it with a light touch on the switches on both sides; an adult can’t pull it when exhausted. The super suction power. It can be easily moved to any place. Remember that the place where air enters and exits cannot be fixed; unlike other handrails that can only be fixed in one place, this product has advantages and advantages; when you take a good bath, the state at that time is relaxed and not Alert, the bubble in the bathtub
Mo will make you easy to slip to the point of injury, leaving scars and the root cause of falling is really a big pain for girls and boys. With it as your safety armrest, you don’t have to worry about falling. If you are injured, taking a bath should be enjoyment or relaxation. There should not be so much worry and injury. So friends now have this bathtub grab bar, which is a blessing to bring safety to everyone.

Packing list:

1 x plastic suction cup

Suction Wall Door Handle
Suction Wall Door Handle
Suction Wall Door Handle
Suction Wall Door Handle
Suction Wall Door Handle
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